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How to track my Borderfree package?

Borderfree package tracking is easy with Ordertracker, all you have to do is to paste your tracking number in the above field to track a package or go to the track my package section. We provide you with the most powerful parcel tracking system for any post office. Ordertracker accepts any international tracking number, it is an universal tracking website to track a parcel on a global level such as "track my parcel" with accurate informations about your shipment.

Borderfree tracking from USA, Canada and UK

Borderfree courier ships to many countries around the world and you can track all packages that are sent through this courier on this site with just a few clicks. When a package is sent to you, the sender must provide you with a tracking number which will then be used on this site to know the status of your delivery and the location of your mail or package.

How long does it take to deliver Borderfree ?

Borderfree is an e-commerce platform that connects U.S. sellers and buyers around the world to provide a cross-border online sales experience.

The company allows sellers based in the United States to offer their products in about 100 countries and destinations around the world.

Being a platform offering online sales services, Borderfree collaborates with many carriers for the delivery of parcels to consumers. Delivery times vary because they depend on the options offered by the seller. At the time of purchase, the consumer can select shipping options and will be informed, during the validation of his order, of the estimated delivery times for his and her items.

Once the package is transmitted to the recipient country, the customer is informed about the local carrier who transports his package to its final destination.

Delivery times also depend on the delivery address, options differ depending on the location.

For example, shipments from Borderfree to Canada are processed and supported by Canada Post to the end customer. Deliveries to Canada can also be handled to DHL Express for express shipments.

When ordering on Borderfree of several products, consumers can benefit from so-called partial shipments, so the order is shipped in several shipments. Borderfree deducts the consumer partially, only for the amount of the products sent, their shipping costs and / or associated taxes. Then the platform makes the following withdrawals, only when the rest of the order is shipped. In addition, Borderfree insures its exchange rates in case of pre-order.

During partial shipments, each package shipped has its own tracking number. Sometimes packages of the same order are shipped via several different carriers.

During deliveries made by Borderfree partners at home, if the recipient is absent, the carrier presents himself again on the next working day or in the same day a little later. If necessary, he can drop off the package pending to be picked up at a pick-up point or a local distribution center, in this case, the delivery person leaves a notice of passage in the recipient's mailbox to inform him.

How do I contact Borderfree ?

Borderfree is headquartered in the United States at the following address:

  • 292 Madison Avenue, 5th floor, New York, NY 10017, United States

Customer service can be reached by phone:

  • 1-212-299-3555

Contact mail:

Information about Borderfree deliveries

Borderfree, originally known as FiftyOne, is an E-commerce company serving as an intermediary between sellers and buyers from around the world based in New York, USA.

Yuval Tal co-founded E4Xin 1999, one of the first online payment solution companies. The company prospered, bringing in more than $500 million during the first five years of operation and was renamed FiftyOne in 2007. The company enables retailers to market services and products to customers around the world and in their consumers' local currency. In 2013, the company was renamed Borderfree and it was acquired by Pitney Bowes in 2015 for $395 million.

The Pitney Bowes company was founded in 1920 by Arthur Pitney, creator of the first freeding machine and Walter Bowes. Pitney Bowes is a company recognized for its postal equipment and services as well as in E-commerce for parcel delivery and technology solutions for players in the online sales sector.

Borderfree operates as an intermediary E-commerce service between sellers and buyers, through multi-currency pricing and order processing, calculation of export fees, import, customs clearance, logistics management at the global level, guarantee against international fraud.

The company's history Borderfree: recognized since 1999 by many buyers, the company offers more than 120 showcases with an end-to-end service for consumers around the world:

  • From 1999 to 2007: Borderfree is at the forefront of e-commerce technologies and offers American sellers innovative and adapted solutions to offer their items to customers at the international level. The company began by offering deliveries to 30 countries and destinations around the world.
  • From 2007 to 2011: Borderfree 's scope of intervention extends to 103 countries and regions worldwide, the company manages orders in 42 international currencies and supports the e-commerce of major players and major American brands such as Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Crate & Barrel and Williams-Sonoma.
  • From 2011 to 2014: Borderfree continues to expand international services and create partnerships with major brands including Container Store, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Land's Ent, Under Armour and Nordstrom.
  • From 2014 to 2016: the company is evolving payment solutions and offering translations in 12 languages. Borderfree also partners with banks and online payment services to offer more than 15 international payment methods. The company continues to expand its logistics network and offers deliveries to more than 200 destinations around the world.
  • From 2016 to 2018: Many sellers partner with the platform to offer their products, including Rue La La and LL Bean. Borderfree complies with international regulations; in particular the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for the European Union.
  • From 2018 to 2020: Many brands continue to join the platform, including Elizabeth Arden, Kendra Scott and Savage X Fenty.
  • Since 2020: Consumer demand to make their everyday purchases online continues to grow. In order to best meet this demand, Borderfree currently delivers to 2018 countries and regions of the world and provides order processing in 75 international currencies.

Borderfree stands out by improving the online shopping experience for consumers, offering state-of-the-art services, and trendy products that allow consumers to find items they can't find at home. In addition, the many partnerships with brands allow Borderfree to offer competitive rates and many discounts.

The objective of Borderfree is to offer easy and fun online shopping, to be able to discover products at the forefront of fashion as well as essential products of everyday life without the shopping experience being tedious.

This service is reinforced by the guarantee of a secure online payment in the consumer's currency and the fact that the purchase is made in his language.

Borderfree's customers are vendors, major retailers, ready-to-wear, lifestyle brands that offer products such as jewelry, leather goods, sporting goods, clothing, decoration, games and toys.

Many stores and brands trust Borderfree to offer their products including Sephora, Barneys New York, Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Barn Kids, Tilly's, J. Crew, Under Armour, MotoSport, Warby Parker, etc.

The tracking number of a Borderfree delivery

The Borderfree tracking number format usually begins with the letters E4X followed by 12 digits. Like for example: E4X123456789123 Nevertheless, since there are many carriers that route packages from orders on Borderfree, the tracking numbers may be different and depend on the carrier that takes care of the package.

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