A parcel tracking solution for merchants and businesses

We've created easy-to-integrate white label components that you can use to enhance your brand identity.

Install a package tracking button on your website and a personalized page iFrame showing the delivery steps for your products, as well as their current locations. Use our Shopify plugin to notify your customers via branded email that keenly reflects your business identity each time they place an order.

All of these features are available to you for free!

Online merchants illustration

Implement our tracking button

Enable your customers to track their order packages with just one click.

Add a tracking button to your online store order summary page to enhance your website's user experience in no time!

Add a tracking button
Tracking button integration example

Create your own tracking page iFrame

Easily display your customer's order delivery steps and status on your website.

Add an iFrame that shows the delivery steps of the customer's package, along with its current location, in a custom component which matches your online order summary page's design.

Add a tracking iFrame
Tracking iFrame integration example

Install our plugin for Shopify to send tracking emails to your customers

Take advantage of all our features and send tracking emails without writing a single line of code!

You don't need to be a developer to begin taking full advantage of our solution for merchants - just connect your store to the plugin, and you will now be able to create a personalized tracking page for your Shopify store, as well as automatically send tracking emails to your customers!

Connect to my store
Shopify plugin integration example
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