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How to track my GLS package?

GLS package tracking is easy with Ordertracker, all you have to do is to paste your tracking number in the above field to track a package or go to the track my package section. We provide you with the most powerful parcel tracking system for any post office. Ordertracker accepts any international tracking number, it is an universal tracking website to track a parcel on a global level such as "track my parcel" with accurate informations about your shipment.

GLS tracking from USA, Canada and UK

GLS courier ships to many countries around the world and you can track all packages that are sent through this courier on this site with just a few clicks. When a package is sent to you, the sender must provide you with a tracking number which will then be used on this site to know the status of your delivery and the location of your mail or package.

How long does it take to deliver GLS ?

GLS offers national and international delivery solutions, mainly oriented towards the European market. GLS offers services in 41 countries in Europe as well as to Canada and 8 states in North America.

Transport is provided either by GLS or by partner companies to offer a door-to-door delivery service.

Most of the national deliveries managed by GLS are made within 24 hours, deliveries to Europe are made within an estimated time between 24 and 96 hours and between 72 and 120 hours for the rest of the world.

GLS has branches in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States.

The company has many warehouses in all these countries and territories, which make it possible to ensure a transport service with efficient and guaranteed deadlines.

The shipping methods offered by GLS are as follows:

  • Flex Delivery Service: this service is available for domestic and European deliveries for most destinations and allows tailor-made parcel delivery. The delivery is adapted to the needs of the recipient and can be made at home, in a GLSagency, in Point Relais, at his place of work, at another address. In case of absence, the date of delivery as well as the place may be changed. The delivery time is estimated between 24 and 48 hours. Once the place and date of delivery have been selected, a delivery slot is set (3 hours) and cannot be changed. Deliveries are usually made from Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.
  • Express: this service is available for domestic and European deliveries. Delivery is guaranteed the next day before 1pm.
  • Euro Business Parcel: this service is the GLS delivery solution for Europe, for parcels up to 31.5kg (30kg for some countries). Delivery can be made at home or in a Parcelshop GLS depending on availability in the recipient countries. Delivery times are estimated between 24 and 96 hours depending on the destination. It takes between 24 and 48 hours of delivery time for major European cities and 72 to 96 hours for more distant territories.
  • Global Express Parcel: this service is dedicated to shipments outside Europe, to the international. GLS delivers its parcels to more than 150 destinations around the world. The delivery time is estimated between 1 and 7 working days depending on the recipient country.

Delivery times depend on several factors, the type of package, its weight, size, dimensions, destination as well as other events such as holiday periods, public holidays, variable weather conditions and possible customs delays.

How do I contact GLS ?

the registered office of GLS is located in the Netherlands at the following address:

  • Breguetlaan 28-30, 1438 BC Oude Meer, Netherlands

Customer service can be reached at the following number:

  • 0806006006

And by email to the following address:

Information about GLS deliveries

GENERAL LOGISTICS SYSTEMS Epacket or GLS is a Dutch company specialized in transport and logistics.

The history of GLS begins with the creation of German Parcel in 1989, in a desire to create a parcel delivery provider in Germany. German Parcel expanded to Europe with franchises in 1992.

In 1999, German Parcel was taken over by Royal Mail, it is the birth of GLS, which gradually expands its network in Europe.

Since then, GLS has developed its network, digital tools and innovative technologies for the transport of European and global logistics.

Since 2016, GLS covers some territories of the United States.

GLS represents 1400 depots and agencies worldwide in 40 countries, mainly in Europe, 70 hubs, 28,000 vans and 4000 long-distance vehicles to transport packages.

The company has more than 19,000 employees worldwide, in charge of the management and transport of packages.

GLS also offers related services which are as follows:

  • Pharma Service for the safe and efficient delivery of products for the Health/Medical sector without temperature constraints
  • Shop Return Service that allows the management of parcel returns to the sender
  • Shop Delivery Service which provides for delivery for individuals to the GLS collection point of their choice
  • Pick & Ship Service which offers professionals the collection of parcels for shipment

GLS's main competitors are UPS and USPS in the United States and DHL Europe.

The tracking number of a GLS delivery

The package tracking number format GLS consists of either 8 characters that mix capital letters and numbers, or 11 digits. Like for example: 12E4T98A or 00123456123.

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