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How to track my Mexico Redpack package?

Mexico Redpack package tracking is easy with Ordertracker, all you have to do is to paste your tracking number in the above field to track a package or go to the track my package section. We provide you with the most powerful parcel tracking system for any post office. Ordertracker accepts any international tracking number, it is an universal tracking website to track a parcel on a global level such as "track my parcel" with accurate informations about your shipment.

Mexico Redpack tracking from USA, Canada and UK

Mexico Redpack courier ships to many countries around the world and you can track all packages that are sent through this courier on this site with just a few clicks. When a package is sent to you, the sender must provide you with a tracking number which will then be used on this site to know the status of your delivery and the location of your mail or package.

How long does it take to deliver Redpack ?

Redpack is a company based in Mexico, specialized in logistics, which offers national and international delivery services in relatively short deadlines. The company is known for the efficiency, speed and reliability of its services. The delivery services offered by Redpack are as follows:

  • For domestic deliveries:
    • The Express service: this service offers a delivery of documents or parcels within an estimated average time between 24 and 48 hours, from the next working day.
      • This service provides for home delivery or pick-up point delivery.
      • It is available for packages of up to 70 kg.
    • The Eco express service: this service offers a delivery of documents or parcels for less urgent shipments at an economical price.
      • This service provides for home delivery or pick-up point delivery.
      • It is available for packages of up to 70 kg.
      • The delivery time is estimated between 2 and 5 working days approximately.
    • The Metropolitan Service: this service offers a delivery of documents or light parcels in the same city.
      • This service provides for delivery at home or at a pick-up point.
      • It is available for packages of 5 kg and 30 cm in size per side maximum.
      • The average delivery time is estimated between 24 and 72 hours.
      • Please note that this service is only available in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.
  • For international deliveries abroad: the delivery offer for global distribution provides for the transport of parcels to more than 220 countries with a last-mile, door-to-door delivery service. International delivery benefits from a follow-up throughout the transport, a customs clearance service and support for the establishment of the necessary documents in the context of the import-export of goods.
    • The courier service provides for the delivery of documents exclusively:
      • The weight of the shipment must be between 0.5 and 2 kg.
      • No documents of commercial value should be transported.
    • The Parcel service:
      • Available for packages up to 68 kg.
      • The dimensions of the package must not exceed 120 x 80 x 80 cm.
      • Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday or even Saturday (with supplement).
    • The Charger service is dedicated to deliveries of goods over 68 kg per piece and whose transport must be provided by air or land.

The average delivery times for the international offer are as follows:

  • Approximately 2 to 4 working days for Zone A which includes: the United States.
  • Approximately 3 to 5 working days for zone B which includes: Anguilla, Argentina, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Curaçao, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Cayman Islands, Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Martinique, Montserrat, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Saint Martin, Saint Vincent, Saint Lucia, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay and Venezuela.
  • Approximately 3 to 5 working days for zone C which includes: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Vatican, Denmark, Finland, Germany, France, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
  • Approximately 4 to 6 business days for Zone D which includes: Australia, Brunei, China, South Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam.
  • From about 5 to 9 working days for zone E which includes: the rest of the countries of the world.
  • From about 2 to 4 days for zone F which includes: Canada.

How do I contact Redpack ?

the head office of Redpack is based in Mexico City at the following address:

  • 25 Avenue Del Ferrocarril, 1st floor, Alce Blanco Industrial Colony, Naucalpan de Juárez, State of Mexico, CP 53370, Mexico.

Customer service can be reached at the following number:

  • 55 3682 4040

Information about Redpack deliveries

Redpack is a Mexican company specializing in logistics solutions that has been operating for 27 years throughout the country. Redpack provides its customers with a logistics and supply chain management service offer, mainly for the E-commerce, technology and industry sectors. The company is known for providing reliable and efficient services. Its scope of intervention is national and international in the context of import-export to and from Mexico. Founded in 1994, Redpack has become one of the leaders among the players in courier and parcel delivery in the Mexican logistics market. Redpack has been part of the Traxion group since 2018, and operates, thanks to its entities for the delivery of courier, parcels but also for freight and warehousing. The subsidiary of the Traxion group participates in the development of its offer for E-commerce among others. The company Redpack represents about 1500 employees, and has an average fleet of 800 vehicles, in charge of last-mile deliveries in the 32 states of the country. The company has 7 fully automated operating centers and 85 local branches located throughout the country to connect 56 land routes, 89 airways and serve more than 18,000 postal codes. Redpack has more than 15 branches in the country, the company is strategically based throughout the country to cover the needs of its customers. The company offers delivery services with real-time traceability, guaranteed delivery and the possibility of depositing the package at the collection point. The services offered by Redpack are recognized and make it one of the main players for the logistics sector in the country, specifically for E-commerce.

The tracking number of a Redpack delivery

The Redpack tracking number format consists of 9 digits. For example: 045259857

The different tracking states Redpack

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